How can I help you?

If you need someone who sounds articulate & intelligent, I can help you with that.


If you need someone to take direction well, saving you time & money during production, I can help you with that.


If you need someone who is pleasant to work with, I can help you with that, too.


As a female voice over talent, I provide spoken-word narration for

E-learning (online education), documentaries, tutorials, self-guided or video tours, medical or dental informational/instructional videos, and Audiobooks - a favorite of mine.


You're invited to have a quick listen. I'd be glad to collaborate on your next project and help you make it a great one.


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(Due to my streaming player still being under construction, you will have to download clips to hear them.  Apologies for the inconvenience.)

Run time: 00:59

Audiobook Demo Clips

The Other Wind  by Ursula LeGuin (Sci-fi/Fantasy) Run time 5:14

The Other Wind - Deborah Desmone.mp3
MP3 audio file [4.8 MB]

A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones (YA Sci-fi) Run time 2:10


Voice Talent for Video Samples

Break the Silence from Sara Quindlen on Vimeo.

Doritos (extended cut) from desmond Osei on Vimeo.

I'm the voice of the computer. Way cool for a geek like me!

How to Find Me

Deborah Desmone
Baltimore / DC 

York / Harrisburg, USA
Phone: 410.615.3092


What Others Are Saying

"...some of the best taking of direction I've heard in a while"

—Erik Sheppard, "Today's Voice" Voiceover Coach, Talent Agent


"...take(s) direction really well. (She) has a great ear."

—Steve Brezzo, Voiceover Coach, Casting Director


"I like your voice!"  —Ellie L., age 6; after a reading of Angelina Ballerina

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